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We are an application development shop that helps our clients manage complex workflows and ideas. We translate them into compact, fast, usable software that delivers value from day one. We handle projects from conception to launch and maintenance.

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Architectural Corner: Introduction to CQRS

architecture CQRS

CQRS is an acronym for Command-Query Responsibility Segregation. It is an architectural pattern first discussed by Greg Young in 2010. It suggests splitting the responsibilities of reading and writing data into completely different objects. This opposes the well-known CRUD approach.

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The Reactive Manifesto

elastic message-driven reactive resilient responsive

Check out the Reactive Manifesto for ideas on cleaner architectures. It will help you build better systems that cope with large traffic values and truly accomplish their goal.

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Using git checkout-index to init project from boilerplate repository

boilerplate bootstrap checkout-index git

As developers, we are always looking for inspiration in other people’s code. Either we learn something totally unfamiliar to us, or we are just in for a trick, but what makes us better developers is the social aspect of coding. How do we start a project from a boilerplate repository using just git commands?

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