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OSX list USB devices (lsusb equivalent)

26 November 2011 by Georgiana

Linux users have the lsusb command to list all their usb devices.
The Mac OSX command line equivalent is
system_profiler SPUSBDataType

For a visual alternative in Lion, the steps are:

  • click the apple in the top left corner
  • choose About This Mac
  • click on the More Info… button to access the System Information application
  • click on the System Report… button
  • under Hardware group, there’s the USB option that we were searching for

I needed this information to access my HTC phone with Android that I had connected via USB.

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Comments (4)

  1. thaks for this idea. i was searching equivalent command of ‘lsusb’ for my MAC.

  2. I am converting a Python program from Linux to OSX. The current program iterates through all of the attached devices with the following

    for f in glob.iglob(‘/sys/bus/usb/drivers/usb/*/product’):

    Is there an equivalent directory to the /sys on OSX?


  3. Priceless! :-)



  4. Thanks for the post!
    It’s interesting what does Current Required (mA) value mean. It shows 500 mA even thought my camera it turned off.

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